Dance and music are inseparably connected and dance offers a unique opportunity for physical and artistic expression. The Dance Department at Newark School of the Arts emphasizes proper body alignment, healthy physical development and a total integration of music and dance. Newark School of the Arts recommends that ALL music students study dance at some point in their education as dance can enhance the physical connection that is so important to instrumentalists and singers. We train students at all levels and experience.

Group Dance Classes - 17-week semester  

The Dance Department requires a one-year commitment.      Registration Fee:  $65.00

Special Package pricing for more than one classes.  See Registrar for Payment Schedule.

Simple Track                                (1 Class a week)                     $610.00 per year      

Pre-Professional Track                (2 classes +Ensemble per week)     $1,220.00 per year

Professional                                 (4 Classes + Ensemble per week)      $1,425.00 per year

Dance Dress Code

Dance Wear is required for all students registered in dance classes. All dancers must wear tights.


3-4 YearsPink Leotard / Pink Tutu
5-7 YearsLight Blue Leotard / Black Tutu
8-12 YearsLavender Leotard / Black Tutu
13+ YearsBurgundy Leotard / Black Tutu
18+ YearsBlack Leotard / Black Tutu

Special Uniforms and Shoes

TINY STEPS:  Ballet Slippers / Black Tap Shoes
 CHILDREN'S BALLET:  Ballet Slippers
 HIP HOP : Black Cargo Pant / Black Leotard / Black Dance Sneaker
 TAP:  Age Color Leotard
 JAZZ:  Age Color Leotard / Black Jazz Pants

Newark School of the Arts is proud to announce that all of our teachers are registered members and accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance, UK. Newark School of the Arts follows the teaching and testing curriculum of the Royal Academy of Dance for students of all levels.

The Royal Academy of Dance headquartered in London, is one of the world's most influential dance education, training and teaching organizations. The RAD promotes the knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. We seek to accomplish this through promoting dance, educating and training students and teachers, and providing examinations to set standards and reward achievement.
The Royal Academy of Dance is internationally recognized for the highest standards of teaching and learning, as a leader in continuing professional development in dance and as the professional membership body that supports and promotes dance teachers at every step of their career, encouraging their innovative contributions to dance and education throughout the world..
We aim to provide a variety of classes of the highest quality, taught by experienced professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in a relaxed and positive environment. All classes are designed to give students of any age the opportunity to enjoy dance and achieve their goals.

Tiny Steps

Ages 3-4

Tuesdays, 5:15PM, 1 hour

Saturdays, 10:0 AM, 1 hour (Advanced)

Saturdays, 11:00AM, 1 hour (Beginners Only)


This is a fun and energetic introduction to ballet, creative movement and combination tap incorporating basic terminology with the positions of the feet, hands and body.

Tiny Steps

Ages 5-7

Tuesdays, 5:15 PM, 1 hour    

Saturdays, 10:00 AM, 1 hour (Advanced)

Saturdays, 11:00 AM, 1 Hour (Beginners Only)  This class will follow a closer format of a ballet class to include basic barre exercise and center practice. Children will also demonstrate the fun skills and combinations traveling across the floor.


Tap Dance 1

Ages 8+, Mondays,  5:15 PM

Tap Dance 2

Thursdays, 5:15 PM

Tap classes introduce boys and girls to the basic rhythmic movements of tap using age appropriate movements and music.  This is the preparatory class, which will teach students the basic vocabulary used in tap.

Tap shoes are required for all tap classes.



Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work.

Ballet 1A

Ages 8-12 years
Tuesdays, 6:15 PM, 1 hour

Physical discipline, general body awareness, and control coordinating with elementary technique and terminology                         

Ballet 2

Ages 13+                                                     Thursdays, 5:15 PM Hour

Ballet 3 Adult

Ages 18+
Mondays, 6:15 PM, 1 hour

Understanding the relationship between music, rhythm and controlled movement with proper ballet technique. New and more complex material will be taught at an accelerated pace. Student will begin to learn basic ballet history and develop a knowledge and great appreciation of the great ballets, classical music and famous dancers.

Pointe Ballet 

Saturdays, 3:00 PM, 1 hour

By teacher assignment only, MUST AUDITION


Jazz Dance

Explores individual body movement, space, shapes, patterns and the dancer's own creativity with emphasis on the freedom of expression. This form of dance is inspired by nature, music, art, and human emotions. It emphasizes the use of the floor work. Teachers incorporate an eclectic blend of contemporary and post - modern movement into their classes.

Jazz 1 & 2

Ages 8 +
Wednesdays 5:15, 1 hour

Dance Unlimited

Ages 10+  Tuesdaya 5:15 PM, 1 Hour

This class offers unexciting opportunity to explore and experience a variety of dance styles and techniques

Cultural Dance and Fitness

Cultural Dance at NSA emphasizes the development of talents and interests through exposure and training in a variety of other cultural societies. Classes in liturgical, African, Latin and the joint influences and trends of these two cultures on our American society (Hip Hop) are offered.

Dance Workshop

Ages 7 – 17
Saturdays, 1:15 to 3:00 PM, 2 hours

This course is an advanced workshop for the most serious dancer. The class combines the skills of Modern, Jazz and Ballet from previous level classes. Dance workshop works on correlating steps to lengthy and complex combinations with correct technique, extensive terminology and knowledge of the art of ballet. Students must be recommended by their previous teachers and must be enrolled in regularly scheduled classes.


All Ages
Monday 5:15 PM , 1 hour

This Semester Afro-Motion combines african rhythms and choreographies with a searing work out.  


ZUMBA Fitness Dance      

All Ages, Saturdays, 11:00 AM

Over 15 Million pople are taking a Zumba class around the world.  The perfect combo of fun and fitness has made Zumba a world-wide phenomenon. Join the Party. Get fit. Have fun!

Lyrical Dance

Ages 8+  Saturdays , 4:00 PM

Come experience a combination of technical and everyday movement designed to express ideas, deliver messages and entice emotional freedom about shared life issues


Ages 10+
Mondays, 5:15 PM

Breakin’ is a high energy dance that focuses on self expression through the music and movements learned from HipHop culture. This covers the foundational toprock, footwork, freezes and the dynamic powermoves while bolstering students’ strength, stamina and flexibility to access the freedom of motion used in the dance.

 Hip Hop 2

Ages 7 - 9
Wednesdays,  5:15 PM, 1 hour

In this fun and high-energy class, students learn combinations to their favorite pop songs. Music is always kid friendly and appropriate. Class focus is on development of skills, self-confidence and personal style


Ages 10+
Saturday, 1:15 PM